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Better than the best. Wait for the update. Cons Better than the best. MERCEDES HAS ANNOUNCED production of the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet, its most swanky and ludicrous Pay day loan off-roader yet. Following on the Mercedes-Maybach S Class and the S 650 Cabriolet, the open-top G Class is the first off-roader from the Mercedes-Maybach luxury sub-brand. The luxury wagon has almost a half-metre of ground clearance and this combined with its four-wheel drive and 22-inch tyres make it perfect for scrambling over huge piles of money or cash loans wading through your moat.

Source: Daimler AG - Global Communications Mercedes-Benz CarsThe G 650 Landaulet is essentially a chauffeur-driven off-roader. Oh, and they threw in the first-class rear seats from the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class for good measure. To top things off (quite literally) they have replaced the rear part of the fixed roof with a power-operated fabric top. Source: Daimler AG - Global Communications Mercedes-Benz CarsThe cash loans G 650 has a glass partition that separates the rear passengers from the driver.

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